This was drawn for my friend, silkchemise (who is AMAZING), felt like drawing something that always bugged me when it came to ep 11. Why didn’t Korra and Asami say bye to each other? Anyways, hope you guys like it! Here is a super hq version just because! 

#and then they kissed after #jk #or am i

you’re the best <3

Another freebie of Liam :’D I love how each different artist makes him come to life. So, I apologize for the spam, I just really want these few images I have on my tumblr ^^; It isn’t a giant bunch tho. 

A cute lil’ tiny chibi of my character, Liam. 



Got my darling in my arms and my World’s about to end
but she’s laying here with me, so it could be worse 

You’re messing things up, Korra. the comic relief was never supposed to get the girl.